Apply to join instructors who share their expertise and knowledge with the world. At IGrow Academy you can teach what you know and what you love to our students who are eager to learn.

As an IGrow Academy instructor, you can:

  • Help people reach professional and personal goals
  • Learn valuable skills applicable to your professional life
  • Earn extra income

About Working with Us

Anyone can create a free or premium course on IGrow Academy, as long as the course topic is not a Restricted Topic.

Before your course is published on our platform you will have to go through the Instructor Identity Verification Process.


We offer 50% commission.

This means you’ll earn a commission for each successful payment we receive from customers for every purchase of your course(s) or event(s).

We offer a further 20% commission for every course you personally sell if you join our Affiliate Program.

There is no cap on how many referrals you send so the more customers you refer, the more you earn!

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