IGrow Academy’s IGrow School program offers passionate qualified teachers who have zeal for students success the ability to create courses, provide livestreams and tutoring services to interested students who are eager to learn and improve their understanding on difficult subjects and get better results on tests and exams. Partner with us by becoming an IGrow School Teacher.

IGrow School Course/Livestream Partnership

We’re looking for Primary and High Schools teachers to create core Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS) Grades 4-12 video courses and note summaries for each subject in multiple languages.

Teachers will also be required to provide at least +-2 hour a week online session (livestream) for answering exercise questions from the most used textbooks .

Finally Grade 11 and 12 teachers will also provide an Exam Prep video course  (4-16 Hours) depending on the subject. The teacher will go through in detail the subject paper(s) and share TIPS and TRICKS on how to answer questions in the exam(s). Minimum 2 years experience.


Grade 4-9 Maths and EMS

Grade 10-12.

  • Physical Science
  • Mathematics
  • Accounting
  • Mathematical Literacy

IGrow School Tutor Partnership

We’re looking for current and former Primary and High Schools teachers to tutor students on various CAPS subjects.

All Primary School Subjects | Grade 4 to 7

All High School Subjects | Grade 8 to 12

Tutors will be required to provide at least 5 hours per month and 10 minute FREE intro for each new assigned student.

Sessions will either be 1-on-1; a group of 2-5 friends and a group of 6-10 friends learning together with the tutor.

Currently, due to Covid 19 Pandemic and National lockdown, all tutoring is conducted online.

IGrow School Revenue Sharing

We offer 50% commission to teachers.

You’ll earn a commission for each successful payment we receive from customers for every purchase of your course(s)/notes, livestreams and tutoring services you offer.

The Process

  • The first thing would be to fill out the form here, then
  • We’ll set up an online interview, then
  • You would be able to provide your services after onboarding, finally
  • Our job then would be to get students for you to teach/tutor.