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Admin Dashboard

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  1. Frontend- Admin can maintain the website of the ERP.
  2. Admission – Consist of Create Admission, Multiple Import, Category.
  3. Student Details – Consist of Student List, Id Card Generate And Deactivate Account.
  4. Parents – Consist of Parents List, Add Parent And Deactivate Account.
  5. Employee – Consist of Employee List, Add Department, Add Designation, Add Employee And Deactivate Account.
  6. Human Resource – Consist of Payroll : Salary Template, Payment Type, Salary Assign, Salary Payment, Advance Salary, Generate Payslip, Payroll Summary / Leave Control : Category, Application / Award.
  7. Academic – Consist of Class and Section : Control Classes, Assign Class Teacher / Subject : Subject, Class Assign, Teacher Assign / Timetable : Class Timetable, Set Exam Timetable, Exam Timetable And Student Promotion.
  8. Attachments Book – Consist of Upload Content and Attachment Type.
  9. Exam Master – Consist of Exam : Exam List, Set Exam Term, Exam Hall / Marks : Mark Entries, Grades Range And Tabulation Sheet.
  10. Supervision – Consist of Hostel : Hostel Master, Hostel Room, Category and Allocation List / Transport : Route Master, Route Master, Stoppage, Assign Vehicle, Allocation Report.
  11. Attendance – Consist of Set : Student Attendance, Employee Attendance and Exam Attendance / Reports : Student, Employee and Exam Attendance Report
  12. Library – Consist of Books Entry, Books Category and Books Issue.
  13. Events – Consist of Event Type and Add Event.
  14. Student Accounting – Consist of Fees : Create Single Invoice, Create Multi Invoice, Fees Pay/Invoice and Fee Category / Reports : Fee Payment History, Fees Summary Report, Fee Paid Report and Fee Due Report.
  15. Office Accounting – Consist of Under Group, Bank Account, Ledger Account, Opening Balance and Create Voucher / Reports : Day Book, Cash Book, Bank Book, Ledger Book and Trail Balance.
  16. Message – Consist of Mailbox Folder and Inbox.
  17. Settings – Consist of Global Settings : General Settings, Theme Settings and Logo Settings / Paymeny Settings : Paypal Config, Stripe Config and Payumoney Config / SMS Settings : SMS Config and SMS Triggers /
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