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Admission – Adding Students

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For Student Admission

Login as Admin / Teacher.

First add Student Category
Go to Admission > Category or here, Add all student categories. Student categories can be career wise etc.

To create Student Admission Go to Admission > Create Admission and fill form…

  1. Academic Details- (Academic Year, Register No, Roll, Admission Date, Class, Section, Category)
  2. Student Details – First Name, Last Name, Blood group, Gender, Date Of Birth and etc..(This * symbol means value is required).
  3. Login Details – Login email and Login password
  4. Guardian Details – Parent information already available check on “Guardian Already Exist” and select “Guardian” in list, otherwise fill-up Guardian information.
  5. Transport Details – You can select student Transportation routes and Vehicles no, otherwise skip this.
  6. Hostel Details – You can select student Hostel and Room, otherwise skip this.
  7. Previous School Details – The details of the previous school are not mandatory.

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